Our Mission
Our mission at Make Change! Trust is to enhance the quality of life by contributing to nonprofit organizations solving critical humanitarian emergencies and making positive, life altering impacts on communities throughout the world.
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Our History
We are a charitable trust and foundation established in 2006 by internet entrepreneurs desiring to extend the reach of their charity work. Millions of dollars have eagerly left their hands to assist the many nonprofits that apply each year.
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"Each year, Make Change! Trust funding is critical in helping us accomplish our mission and help nonprofits across the U.S. receive free resources that accelerate their efforts." - Ray Henderson, ED for Grassroots.org
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Engage in Change

There are multiple modern-day plagues like poverty and disease that run rampant in the United States. At Make Change! Trust our top priority and passion is philanthropy. We believe every person has the right to a healthy, happy life and we know that through the use of technology this can be achieved. As a charitable trust, Make Change! Trust allocates resources to technology-focused nonprofit organizations to help improve the quality of life throughout the nation. Get engaged in a good cause by becoming our charitable partner or be on the grant-receiving end to make a substantial difference in the lives of others. Help alleviate poverty, promote health, and foster personal positive change.

We invest in nonprofits that work hard to offer relief to underserved populations. There are far too many problems that go unaddressed and there are innovative solutions out there. Learn how to become a charitable partner and donate.